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Las Vegas pastor indicted on lewdness charges tied to 9th victim A Las Vegas pastor accused of sexually abusing young girls is facing new felony counts in connection with alleged acts that date back almost 13 years. Bramwell Retana, 44, who remains jailed...

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People who believe wild coronavirus conspiracy theories rely on YouTube for most of their information on the pandemic People who got their news from social media were also more likely to break quarantine and lockdown rules. Researchers at King's College...

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It's an oldie, but a goldie! Le journaliste lui demande: "Comment faire cesser le racisme ?" Réponse de Morgan Freeman: "En arrêtant d'en parler. Ne vous adressez pas à moi en tant que Noir, je ne vous parlerai pas en tant que Blanc. Parlons-nous de personne...

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