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Catholic priest says "pedophilia doesn't kill anyone," but bans 44 lawmakers from receiving communion because he says abortion does
A priest in Rhode Island, Reverend Richard Bucci, made national headlines last week by banning lawmakers who supported the state's abortion rights bill from receiving communion at his parish. Now, he is doubling down on that decision with a statement that's sending shockwaves through social media.
The 72-year-old priest recently passed out fliers to parishioners listing the names of all 44 members of the legislature who voted for the Reproductive Privacy Act, which was signed into law last spring. The flier stated that those individuals would also be banned from acting as witnesses to marriage, serving as godparents, and performing readings at weddings and funerals, citing "2,000 years" of Catholic teachings.
USA : un prêtre catholique explique durant une émission de télévision que "la pédophilie ne tue personne contrairement à l’avortement".
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