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Ervil LeBaron: Polygamist cult leader whose family was involved in 25 murders 'used fear to manipulate people'
It was not until a 1977 murder of a small-town doctor in Utah that resulted in the discovery of an extremely bloody and violent conflict between Mormon polygamist groups. Polygamist church leader Ervil LeBaron did not show up on the police radar until the murder of Dr Rulon Allred, who had a small practice in the town of Murray, multiple wives, and 48 children. 
Two young women who wore wigs and disguises entered Rulon's clinic and shot him to death, Oxygen's documentary 'Deadly Cults' reveals. The police had linked the murder to Allred's faith after finding pamphlets from the Church of the Lamb of God. The Church of the Lamb of God is an extreme offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the pamphlets read, "Repent or be destroyed". It was found that the church was lead by Ervil LeBaron who believed he was a prophet.
Cult leader Ervil LeBaron
Ervil's Lamb of God sect had been driven by strange and warped doctrines that also include their belief of blood atonement. He used the doctrine as his main motive to order the murder of his brother Joel LeBaron. Joel had been the leader of the sect but the two did not get along and had very different visions for their family in 1970. As a result, Ervil began to plot to have his brother killed, Ruth Wariner, one of Joel's 42 children, shared. In 1972, Ervil's followers carried out his wishes and murdered Joel after luring him to a house, beating him, and then shooting him to death. 
Ervil LeBaron: un chef de secte polygame dont la famille a été impliquée dans 25 meurtres 'a utilisé la peur pour manipuler les gens'
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