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Christian pastor announces ‘blowout’ church service in defiance of lockdown orders: ‘It’ll be like Woodstock’
Now that right-wing pastor Rodney Howard-Browne has been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly and violating health emergency rules — both second-degree misdemeanors — his friend and fellow pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth plans to hold a “Woodstock”-sized event.
Shuttlesworth, who himself has been flouting rules set up by health officials to keep the virus from spreading, is angry about Howard-Browne’s arrest.
“We’re gonna hold an outdoor Easter blowout service — not online,” he said. “A national gathering. You come from all over — like Woodstock. And we’re gonna gather and lift up Jesus Christ. I’m not ashamed that Dr. Rodney got arrested — I’m ashamed that when they wanted to arrest preachers for having church, that in an entire state there was only one they came for.”
Coronavirus-COVIDー19-"Un pasteur chrétien annonce un service religieux au mépris des ordonnances de distanciation : «Ce sera comme Woodstock» annonce t'il !
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