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UFO Conspiracy Theorists Offer 'Ascension' From Our Hell World for $333
David Wilcock and Corey Goode are peddling salvation, protection from the "illuminati deep state," and bogus COVID-19 explanations to millions on YouTube.
Standing in his warmly-lit living room, the popular UFO conspiracy theorist David Wilcock was telling his YouTube Live audience that the "Illuminati Deep State" was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and that he knew the secrets of how to save humanity from the crisis. More than 20,000 people were watching; hundreds of dollars in donations began rolling in via YouTube Superchat. The video now has more than a million views.
Just over a week later, Wilcock’s comrade in arms, Corey Goode, posted a video claiming, nonsensically, that according to briefings he has received from government insiders, the new coronavirus was engineered as a “biological weapon from an American university” and smuggled into China by a student in order to act as a population control tool. He concluded by stating that he wasn’t sure if his source was totally accurate.
There is nothing novel about two conspiracy theorists addressing COVID-19; the crisis has become a bonanza for those promoting hoaxes, fake treatments, xenophobia, and general nonsense. Wilcock and Goode, though, offer something different than the average figure ranting about 5G towers; they're significant figures in the “disclosure community,” a conspiracy-driven New Age segment of the UFO subculture that believes the government is hiding the truth about extraterrestrials. Combined, the two men have over half a million followers across various social media platforms. And while both had humble beginnings as ordinary UFO conspiracy theorists, this moment may uniquely suit them. They claim, after all, to have become quasi-divine prophets offering salvation from global cataclysm—all while offering aggressive legal challenges to anyone who would do so much as describe Wilcock, a man who has started what for all intents and purposes appears to be his own religion, as a spiritual leader.
Coronavirus-COVIDー19-Des théoriciens du complot extraterrestre offrent une "ascension" loin de l'enfer de notre monde pour 333 $
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