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A new group comes forward, saying it’s going to spill secrets of Scientology’s abuses

Recently, we heard from a former Scientologist who said that they represent a group of former Sea Org and staff who are determined to make public new stories of abuse in the church.

They tell us that they’re going to be creating a website where they will be posting stories of abuse, and sexual abuse of minors in particular.

For now, they gave us an initial account by one of their participants, and we’re going to publish it here for you to see.

“Our time served ranges from the 90’s to 2018 and a couple of us were on staff at different Ideal Orgs and were part of GAT and GAT 2,” says our source.

Their aim, they tell us, is to motivate former Scientologists to come forward in what they hope will become a class action lawsuit against Scientology over sexual abuse claims. And they have identified a law firm that is working with them.

Jeff Anderson & Associates is well known nationally for handling child sexual abuse claims. The group urges former Scientologists with sexual abuse claims to contact the law firm before new laws dropping statutes of limitations change again.

Here’s the account we received from this new group from one of their members.

La suite

Un ancien scientologue a contacté Tony Ortega pour lui dire qu'ils étaient tout un groupe d'anciens membres de la Sea Org, et qu'ils allaient créer un site internet pour exposer tous les abus qu'ils ont pu y voir, notamment des abus sexuels sur des mineurs.
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