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Brunei may start stoning gay & bi men to death next month under sharia law

Brunei will soon allow for stoning to be used as punishment for sodomy.

Several updates to the penal code that were approved in 2013 will go into effect on April 3, according to a notice published on the government’s website.

“I am extremely concerned by this move,” said Matthew Woolfe of the human rights organization The Brunei Project told Gay Star News. “Some of the laws that we are about to see implemented are horrendous and unjustifiable.”

In 2013, several updates to the penal code smaller punishments like fines for several crimes like having a baby out of wedlock, missing prayers, or promoting religions other than Islam. Stiffer punishments for other crimes were left to be implemented at a later date.

Sultanat de Brunei: la lapidation à mort des hommes gays bientôt en vigueur
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