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Scientology’s $20 million hole in the ground: The secret vault to nowhere
Over the years we’ve told you a lot of things about Scientology’s bizarre set of underground vaults, where it stores L. Ron Hubbard’s words and ideas for future generations in case of civilization collapse.
The vaults get some breathless tabloid coverage, which hyperventilates about the idea that these underground spaces are supposed to be bomb shelters for Scientologists to ride out an apocalyptic war, and that Tom Cruise and John Travolta have a place to run to when the bombs start landing.
Nah. These underground bunkers aren’t designed for people to live in them, they really are just storage spaces for Hubbard’s words which, when the idea was being developed in the 1980s, would need a lot of room for storing all of Hubbard’s lectures on gold laserdiscs.
They had no way of knowing that eventually, technology would advance to the point that Hubbard’s entire output would fit on a thumb drive.
Oh well. Too late to change plans now. So they’re stuck with the idea of building these vaults in secretive locations, with Hubbard’s words etched on stainless steel plates kept in titanium boxes and stacked neatly in a row…
LA SCIENTOLOGIE,SES BUNKERS,ses disques laser en or-"Ces bunkers souterrains sont des espaces de stockage pour les écrits de Hubbard sur des disques laser en or.Ils n'avaient aucun moyen de savoir que toute la doctrine de Hubbard tiendrait sur une clé USB"
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