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Member of ultra-Orthodox cult Lev Tahor indicted for child abuse
Rabbi Elazar Rompler, who taught in Canadian school belonging to the radical sect, is charged with stripping and beating a 9-year-old for allegedly stealing and a 10-year-old accused of lying about needing glasses, both in front of the entire student body
A member of the ultra-Orthodox Lev Tahor cult was indicted on Tuesday at Jerusalem District Court on charges of mentally and physically abusing children. 

According to the indictment, in 2009-2011, when he served as the principal of a school belonging to the sect in Canada, 46-year-old Rabbi Elazar Rompler allegedly abused two children aged 9 and 10 years of age.
Lev Tahor was founded in Jerusalem in the 1990s by charismatic leader Rabbi Shlomo Hebrans who died in mysterious circumstances in Mexico in 2017.
According to the charges, in 2009, Rompler allegedly had a child stripped of his clothes, tied up and beaten with a stick and a belt for several hours over suspicions he stole money from a charity box. 
Quoting bible verses condemning theft, the defendant addressed the entire student body explaining his actions as the child cried in pain beside him. After beating him on the back, the child was turned over and the beatings continued on his abdomen, chest, legs and buttocks.
The child was unable to stand on his own feet after the beating and had to be carried home by classmates.
Un membre du culte ultra-orthodoxe Lev Tahor inculpé pour maltraitance d'enfants
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